Morgan and Josh- Wedding at Deerwood Ranch in Laramie, Wyoming

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  • Jessica Noelke

Morgan and Josh- Wedding at Deerwood Ranch in Laramie, Wyoming

Morgan and Josh got married during a small ceremony on September 20th, 2019 in Laramie, Wyoming at the horse rescue property, Deerwood Ranch.

Josh welded three roses for each year they dated and placed them into Morgan's bouquet for their big day. I loved this little touch more than the plastic rose trend from my childhood.

It was such a beautiful day, warm and sunny with a little wind; The perfect day to get married! I love how the grass swirled around them in this photo and eeked when I got to see the photos on my computer screen.

The ceremony was simple and beautiful. You can see the couple leaving the ceremony site in pure joy that they get to spend the rest of their lives together. Josh cried quite a bit when he first saw Morgan, covering up his tears with the typical "guy frown" while she was walking up.

Small weddings aren't talked about quite as much and I am always surprised by brides who have more than 100 people at their weddings simply because it is a lot to handle. To take away the stigma, you can have whatever kind of wedding you want. Morgan and Josh had 21 special people at their wedding and it was beautiful.

What a happy family! Now it's time to party!