Welcome to Indagatrix Photography
  • Jessica Noelke

Welcome to Indagatrix Photography

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Hi, My name is Jessi and I own Indagatrix Photography, a life events focused photography company. Indagatrix means female searcheress in latin and embodies what I do for you as my client. I don't take pictures of mountains, or sunsets, or wildlife; I take pictures of you and those things may just happen to be in the background.

I haven't been doing this forever, in fact I have Masters in Environmental Management and a BA in Psychology and Forensics. I wanted a career just like all of you have, but when you put someone like me in a chair and tell me to sit there for 8 hours a day I lose my mind. I am a creator, designer, actress, and story-teller. I was raised in an active household, and I am a 7th generation rancher coming from a long line of business owners and land managers on both sides, not many of us having conventional office jobs in the big cities.

I have been playing with cameras since I was 15, taking classes in high school and having my candids published in newspapers and yearbooks. However, this all officially started when I was asked to do graphic design for Western Colorado University in 2018, where I was getting my masters, and I needed to collect photos of people for student features. My graphic design was fine, but what people noticed when they looked at my work were the photos. They were crisp, had a spirit to them, and showed a side of the students that would inspire you to want to find out more. Most people just think normal headshots, but I have my subjects tell me stories of what lights their fire, and I take photos of that expression. I started getting hired to take peoples photos of their families and for their Christmas cards, and then I finally figured it out - I was meant to be a photographer.

I had always admired my friends and family for their work in photography and media, but didn't want to walk that same path because it seemed socially complicated, so I pursued other interests hoping that I would find that one thing that was easy because I liked it. "You'll never like your job", they said, "That's just life." So many people told me that I just needed to get over it and grow up, but I knew there was something better for me out there. I decided that my friends and family's opinions mattered less than my own feelings about my life. Honestly, the ones who are photographers are very supportive of my dreams, and that is what healthy people do.

I started working on my photography, joined a group called Sunday Night Meets in Denver, and began taking clients over Thumbtack, through friends and family, and my website. Soon my day job was costing me more emotionally and financially, so I quit and jumped into photography full time and haven't looked back. I was working a job with some really unhealthy individuals, and was crying uncontrollably 30 minutes a day. I got a therapist who eventually pushed me into this career as well, and has been a serious encouragement throughout this whole process. I now find joy in almost everything that I do, have some of the healthiest and coolest friends I could ask for, and work with some truly amazing people. I still cry a lot, but its out of joy and excitement for my clients.

Many people ask "So when are you going to get a real job?", and while I know that this type of work can be confusing to those 9-5ers, and I do spend my weekends chasing down clients, planning parties, and meeting new people. That also means I am discovering new places, hiking new trails, and celebrating with people from all over the country. I work harder than most people do, because all my choices lead to My success. I have control over what I make, who I work with, and my image. My extensive education has given me the ability to understand how to make all of this work best for me. Most jobs that I was getting interviews for were receptionist jobs, and I do not possess a bone in my body to perform a job like that.

Life is really short, and why spend it sitting in an office staring out the window for your self prescribed "Outside Time". I lost my 20 year old brother when I was 16, and ever since then have seen the world in a more fleeting sense. Then I lost my aunt at 24, and thought about how she only had 2 weeks off a year to see her family. It's not, never has been, and ever will be a way I want to spend my life. I want to spend it with people like you, celebrating the exciting moments alongside you, and working together to create and save memories.

Francis Mitalo was my first official subject in Gunnison, Colorado. Thank you for starting this journey with me.


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