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Photographer // Jessica Noelke

about me

It's your big day, your baby girl, it's your surprise engagement, your new business, Your Life event.

My name is Jessi. I'm from Texas but live in Colorado with my black lab and three roommates. My inspiration for my career in photography has come from losing my brother suddenly to an accident when I was 15 and I thank God every time I see a photo of him. This has inspired me to take photos for other people in hopes that they never lose anyone like that, but they have those photos to remember their loved ones in whatever season they are in.

I use a Nikon D850 camera, and a few lenses to get various pictures from different distances. I converse with your party guests, dance with your mom, and make sure you always have a drink in your hand. I have shot for Aerie By American Eagle, The Duchess of Denver, Lucas Bols, MyVillage, The Hop Shop, and Anna Be' Bridal. But let's be real, my favorite is getting to make you smooch your boo.


Give me a call, send me a message with a labrador puppy and a balloon.


 I'd love to hear from you. 



"You're really great. You're everywhere, but also very discreet. It's awesome." 

Tres Shannon // Owner, Voodoo Doughnuts during their opening event in Denver

"I was really nervous about my first photo shoot, and Jessica gave me some tips and told me to have fun. She allowed me to be myself and I'm really proud of the results."

Joe T.// Duchess of Denver 1940's Ball Guide photoshoot

I worked with Jessica for a photoshoot for a childcare, and she did an amazing job capturing the kids and provider! Her photos were very professional, and she was amazing at communicating with me. I would definitely hire her again!

Sharon W. //

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